Priority Cargo Network

Priority Cargo Network members gather in Antwerp for the 4th annual Membership Conference

Jun 1, 2015

On 17th-18th May the Priority Cargo Network members met for their 4th membership conference in the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium.

The network members learned about anti bribery and corruption policies from the TRACE Organization President, Mrs. Alexandra Wrage.

The attending members adapted a new membership status, allowing a maximum of three members per country.

As venue for their 5th membership conference the members voted for Abu Dhabi in October 2016.

In Antwerp the Priority Cargo Network group was accompanied by the members of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) Network, who will also rejoin in Abu Dhabi for their 7th membership conference.

During the afternoon a bus tour through the Port of Antwerp was organized, followed by a dinner in an old dock-workers inn. A most remarkable ending of an interesting conference day!

During the following days the Priority Cargo Network management exhibited for the network at the Europe Break Bulk Exhibition through the Quality Cargo Networks (QCN) booth 123 in Hall 1 and experienced a constant flow of visitors, interested in the networks and their members’ services.