Priority Cargo Network

Get Shipping Mauritanian Group appointed as a Priority Cargo Network member in Mauritania

Apr 1, 2021

Get Shipping Mauritanian Group has been appointed as a Priority Cargo Network member in Nouakchott, Mauritania with immediate effect.

The company is specialized in stevedoring, ship’s agency. Forwarding and all kind of port operation is composed by a well-trained team with good knowledge and long experience in the field of shipping.


  • Transit
  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Land freight
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Protection agency
  • All types of cargo inspection
  • International shipping
  • Logistics
  • Port container terminal operation
  • Ship and container renter services
  • Ship and container trading
  • Oil and gas and mining solutions


Bouh Hadrami, Operation Manager
Tel: +222 45244403
Mobile / WhatsApp: +222 43434130
[email protected]
[email protected]